Cornwallis Wharf, Manukau Harbour, Waitakere, Auckland, New Zealand

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The Cornwallis Peninsula Website Group
Photographs, objects & stories

Gillman & Jocelyn Rae         T.(09) 811.8775   M.0274 859.090   [ Email us ]

Website content. Libraries & Museums

Peter & Sonya Donoghue      T.(09) 811.8121   M.021 778-184   [ Email us ]

SCOW Group (Save Cornwallis Old Wharf)
Membership. Events

Gillman Rae              T.(09) 8118.775 Mob 0274 859.090     [ Email us ]

Annual Cornwallis Kidz Fishing Contest (Usually held in March)

Gillman Rae              T.(09) 8118.775 Mob 0274 859.090     [ Email us ]

We would really like to talk to you about what you remember, what you know, what you have or what you can do to advance or contribute to the project. The 'un-important' snapshots you may have in the family album, or that old box of family treasures could be just what we need to know about. Talk to us, we'd love to hear from you. Too many treasures are lost because we think that no-one would be interested in them. We are interested in EVERYTHING about The Cornwallis Peninsula in general, the Cornwallis Beach baches & your stories in particular!

Interested in joining our project? Have ideas for the website? Come on board, there's plenty to do! Call one of us now while you're thinking about it.

Order John Lifton's wonderful book ['CORNWALLIS'] Signed first edition. $33.oo + post.

John Lifton's book 'Cornwallis' is one of our best resources. Meticulously researched, entertainingly written & full of photographs. This fascinating book is both an invaluable resource & a wonderful keep-sake. Regrettably John is no longer with us, but the Lifton family have given us the remaining copies of the first print run. John has signed them all. Buy yours right now. They won't last forever.